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iPad 2 and Excel Templates


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Feb 14, 2012
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I am involved in setting up the iPad 2 we have in our office to be able to create, edit, and send, etc. some excel spreadsheets. Basically, we want to know how to avoid having our guys accidentaly override an original copy of these excel spread sheets, since they are used on a daily basis with new information every day, and sent to us at the office everyday Of course many understand the "save as" concept, however we know someone will forget or be in a hurry and we need an original form that can not be over written. We have downloaded Docs to Go so far, and it basically will only recognize an excel file as a template (and not let us edit it) or as a standard excel file (that is easily overwritten). I have played with the permission settings, the privacy settings, and anything else I could think of, to see if that would effect the options we had with the excel sheet in Docs to Go. Does anyone have experience with this or have any ideas? Maybe there is not an app just yet that can deal with protected/private/read-only files?

If you're personel can be reasonably expected to have an internet connection on the iPad at all (or most) times; place your primary (please don't edit) spreadsheets in a shared (read only) folder on a cloud service. That way only those who have the password can edit the spreadsheet. Everyone else can do no more than download the current version.

I'm pretty sure this can be done with a DropBox account. I know it can be done with Box.com.

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