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ipad 2 advantage

scarlet chic

iPF Noob
Sep 5, 2012
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i owned a laptop hp and i bring it to work specially during my night duty at hospital.but i find it heavy and bulky and obliged me to bring my laptop bag for it as well...
so,for my first salary,i finally bought this new ipad 2 with 3g and wifi 64gb. And now this is what i bring to work.
I find it very handy and sleek:) i use it for chatting most of the time in skype.and the camera works really well.
then months after i bought an iphone 4s which i find more handy than ipad.haha..now i use it most of the time than ipad..but i still get back using my ipad when i want to surf the web and read materials since its a larger screen;)... still glad to have both though and very very handy as well;)

Clement Charles

iPF Noob
Sep 13, 2012
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When I got my ipad 2 last year, I used to take it almost everywhere I went. That is until I got my 4s, but I still use my iPad for internet at home when watching TV.


iPF Novice
Jan 6, 2013
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United States
Mine is for communication, update, entertainment and keeping in touch with people that are close to my heart.

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