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iPad 1 not charging!


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Mar 28, 2012
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Dornoch, Highlands of Scotland

I have an iPad 1 which was bought shortly after the iPad 1 launch in 2010. For about two weeks now, the iPad hasn't been working as it used to. It ran out of charge completly 2 weeks ago and since then, whenever I plug it in for charge it only charges to 3% and then says either 'not charging' or 'charging is not supported with this accessory'. Then when I plug it out with 3% charge the 3% drains within a minute! I called apple and the guy on the phone told me that to fix this I'd have to buy a replacement iPad for £250!

What can I do now! I don't want to spend £250 on a replacement! Help me please!!!


Drag Bunt

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Jul 13, 2010
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the 'burbs of @lanta
May be as simple as a bad charger and/or cord. See if you can try a different one. If the battery needs replacement, the following information is on the Apple UK site:

[h=3]How much does iPad Battery Replacement Service cost?[/h]The service costs £ 85. A £7.44 shipping and handling fee will be added if you arrange service online or by calling Apple Technical Support. All fees are in British Pound Sterling and include VAT.

Not exactly cheap, but nowhere near £250.


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