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iPad 1 + MacBookPro — Judith on the Space Coast, FL USA


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Jan 13, 2011
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Space Coast of Florida (USA)
Hi iPad Forums net friends.

I'm glad to be working / playing with the good old iPad 1. What a beautiful display it has, and smooth ease of use.

I began using computers for work purposes circa 1978 and in '86 began working on Apple equipment as a typesetter. As time continued: typography, graphic design, web design, dot com, all the usual trajectory stemming from time, place and knowledge (primarily in NYC / Los Angeles).

Jumping decades accrued, I'm a part-time musician part-time Mac oriented computer consultant and tutor with no certifications to speak of, but a good deal of working experience.

On an old MacBookPro, I create for-print documents in Adobe CS5 and QuarkXPress.

As of 2011 Feb. I have a project.
I've made many song sheets just right for my duo's performance (beeandboo dot net) and I've been exporting them into low-ish resolution PDFs. I've been wanting to place my pre-typeset songs into a database for use on iPad 1 in musical performance.
OnSong is the iPad 1 app I have begun to use, but there are hangs. Feb. 24, 2011, creator Jason Kichline wrote, in part, to me: "...I have found that PDF files and OnSong are not the best combination, especially if you have scanned your PDF files. This is because it takes a lot of computing resources to display large images. In addition, I need to optimize OnSong to better handle PDFs because it is a cause for many crashes and slowdowns. What you see as a hang is actually OnSong trying to load and render the bitmap to the screen while also trying to shuffle other images off the screen to keep working. So yes, the best option is to convert your songs to the OnSong format. That also gives you a lot more features that simply can't be done with PDF. I would suggest saving your PDF files with a low DPI. I recommend "under 150 DPI", although 96 DPI should give you a DPI matching the iPad screen if the PDF page is viewed on the iPad in portrait orientation. I am also making some changes to OnSong to make PDFs work better. Hope that helps."

I would like to first off ascertain, in ipadforums, the optimum settings in Adobe CS5 to shrink my exported PDFs for the smoothest, easy iPad use; I will want to group them in flexible Set Lists that will sync through iTunes onto the iPad to ultimately be viewed during stage performance. Is there an app in which this may work best? Should I make a PDF book in iBooks of it? My first thought with that one, is the lack of flexibility, for set lists change and songs are added per whim on stage sometimes so I need to be able to go in and add one lickity-split. Hummmm...... Comments will be heartily appreciated.

(Thanks for reading.)


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Jun 19, 2010
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I don't have the answer to your question, but I will welcome you to the forum. With over 35,000 members, certainly someone will come up with something!

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