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iPad 1 Browser Speed Results


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Jan 25, 2011
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Monroe, Louisiana
I much prefer Bing over Google simply because Google strikes me as the most aggressive harvester/seller of personal data. So I downloaded the Bing App yesterday. It is a gorgeous app that I enjoy quite a bit more than Safari or Chrome.

So here's the rub. While using the Bing browser it immediately struck me as a bit slower than Safari. I wondered if I was imagining this or if it was real. So I visited the Sunspider web site and ran their browser benchmark. My iPad running 5.1 iOS pulled a 10,139. I than ran the benchmark on Safari and pulled a 2,905. WOW! Over three times faster. Out of curiousity, I pulled up Google Chrome and Sunspider came in at 9,255. Faster than Bing, but still waaayyyy slower than Safari.

I suppose these results are not unexpected considering the considerable advantage that Safari must have over 3rd party browsers. But I am surprised at how large the gap is.

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