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IPAD 1 - album art on videos way off. itunes unable to search. crashes more. IOS 5?


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Dec 16, 2010
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Hi all,

I've had some issues recently ever since updating to IOS 5.

Certain things I've noticed are that whatever I search on Itunes....shortly after searching the app crashes. I noticed safari crashes fairly often now as well.

What has recently given me a head ache is I just loaded some movie files from work (short clips of our products in use when we visit customers). The video's load fine except the ipad has assigned album art to it. The album art are from music albums that have but has nothing to do with these videos. It looks unprofessional bringing up a video in front of a customer when Andrew W K has a bloody nose. Now I have other videos that normally have a picture but those also are wrong and not associated with the movie.

I saw someone else had the problem when google'ing the issue but with no fix.

After all this I'm curious, can you go back to ios 4. This IOS5 has not really benefited me in any way.

Thanks for any help.

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