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iOS 6 Beta 2 Released to Developers


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Jun 7, 2010
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Apple has today released iOS 6 beta 2 to developers, and 9to5 Mac has an excellent run down of all the changes it has found so far. The first and most obvious thing that they note is that when you install an OTA (over the air) update, you will see the cogs in the Settings icon on the Software Update page spin around (see video above). 9to5 Mac goes on to say that one of the more significant changes found in the newly released beta is the addition of a toggle that lets you choose whether or not to use the iOS 6 Shared Photo Streams feature. The toggle can be found in the Photos & Camera settings page and the iCloud settings. Also revealed in the latest iOS 6 beta is the new Twitter icon, which 9to5 Mac says has appeared even before Twitter has released the update. Also listed in the report are a couple of other minor changes, firstly the fact that on iPhone 4S, the Siri UI TweetSheet has had a small redesign, and secondly, the Cellular settings page has been updated with a toggle that you can use to choose to sync Reading List over 3G, which could previously only be altered in the Safari settings.

Source: iOS 6 Beta 2 roundup: Here’s what’s new | 9to5Mac | Apple Intelligence
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