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Internal Speakers not working


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Feb 20, 2012
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Before I give up and buy a new iPad, can anybody help me.
Recently for some reason the speakers stopped working but the headphones still work. I have tried all of the possible solutions tried by others on the forum with the same problem i.e. playing around with the rotation lock and mute combinations, complete system restore (numerous times) and taking it in to the Apple store. They couldn't.t get it working and because it was bought in the USA and I live in the UK and it is 13 months old the only solution as far as they were concerned was to trade it in for a new one. Has anybody got any bright ideas before I trade it in? Any help would be really appreciated. Now got the speakers working but only when I plug in the adaptor for the lead for the tv. Any ideas why?
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Mar 25, 2010
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You have exhausted most of the basic options. They make some speakers that can plug into the port and do not have a cord. That may be your last option.

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