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Inter App Audio Confusion


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Nov 13, 2021
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Hey guys, inter app audio is misbehaving for me in FL Studio mobile. I loaded Minimoog D onto one IAA track, made a sound, then loaded iProphet onto track 2 and as soon as I load it the knobs on the minimoog D get moved all over the place and change my sound. Same happens if I change presets in iProphet, Minimoog spits out a new sound with each preset change 😳.

It did lead to quite a few happy accidents though but this brings me to my next issue, saving the project doesn’t save the knob config in the external synth. I guess that makes sense, but is there some way to save the presets along with the project when using IAA?


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Mar 8, 2012
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if possible, don't use the obsolete Inter App Audio, migrate to Audio Unit. Using a host that doesn't support Audio Unit is asking for trouble. When using a plugin as Audio Unit, the host (usually) can save and restore the plugin's settings. A few especially cheap apps provide fishy Audio Unit support, such as changing Auv3 identifier names back and forth, but most more expensive apps are ok.

Btw. you can find more traffic related to audio at iOS + Android Music + Audio Production Apps + Peripherals - Gearspace.com , hence it's advisable to join this forum, too.

I've got experiences with different hosts and plugins, click to enlarge:
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