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Inexpensive wire stand..


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Apr 30, 2010
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Salisbury Maryland
I heard about these on one of the forums - maybe here 30 pages back?! But how can you miss for like 2-for-$5 on Amazon... They are made by Gibson Holders.


I envy these Gibson guys. I have done a bit of wire forming to hold a GPS using the CD slot on my truck, but have never been able to get to this level of detail. They have been able to put a fiber washer between to give enough tension to hold it steady .. but loose enough to be able to adjust it. Hell, I would have thrown away 500 getting the rivet settings correct.


I keep a wire stand at home and one at my shop. I'd probably only use the stand when using the Bluetooth keyboard. I may actually steal this new keyboard for one of me iMacs. One iMac has it but it is the old, clunky White BT keyboard .. the one I am on now is the recent, Aluminum USB.. but with the extended numbers pad. The only thing I have to do is put a bit of cardboard in the Caps Lock to keep from fat-fingering it every time I use the letter A. Cheers.

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