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Incredible 3D iPad Tech Demo


iPadForums News Team
Jun 7, 2010
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Check out this really cool, "proof of concept" video clip that's been doing the rounds on the web today, featuring a team from Aircord Lab in Japan projecting 3D images that are visible to the naked eye onto a pyramid-shaped screen via a special projector called the N-3D. Once the images are projected onto the screen, you can move the objects around as if they were real and suspended in mid-air. The device, which was created with the help of OpenFrameworks video content, also picks up sounds via the iPad's microphone, and can therefore be interacted with using sound stimulation such as handclaps.

As Gizmodo says, it's currently purely for demo purposes and not that practical for everyday use, but how cool would it be to see something like this available at an affordable price?! It's actually easier to just gaze at and marvel over than explain, so sit back and enjoy!

Source: CreativeApplications.Net, MacStories.Net, Gizmodo

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