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InCase Travel Kit Plus or InCase Field Bag?


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Dec 2, 2010
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Los Angeles
Does anyone have the InCase Travel Kit Plus case?

I haven't been able to figure out from online research if the included stand will prop the ipad up at both a high angle for video viewing and a lower angle for typing, or if its just at a high angle?

Will the iPad still fit in the compartment if its got a plastic shell mounted on the rear? Really what I think I want is this case plus the Griffin Standle but its an expensive combo and I can't really discern if the iPad + standle will fit?

What about the InCase Field Bag? From what I can see there's probably no way to fit the iPod with a shell backing in there, but maybe this isn't true? It looks like this case can be folded backwards to prop the iPad up? Is the angle pretty good and is it "solid" when its propping up the iPad?

I think I really want one of these two as I want something where I can put the iPad in my car trunk etc. and not have to worry about what will happen to it - these two cases seem like they'd actually protect the device pretty well. All the folio style cases seem too flimsy for that (not to mention if I drop the whole thing) and all the shell back cases by themselves don't really do much to protect the screen if it impacts a hard surface. And don't really want the Otterbox for various reasons.

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