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Incase Mag Snap Case issue?


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Mar 23, 2012
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I took my Belkin clear snap back case back to BestBuy because it was made for the iPad 2 and fit my 3rd gen iPad to tight. I exchanged for the new Belkin snap back for the 3rd gen because it wouldn't fit! Finally an Apple associate helped me find the Incase Mag Snap case for the iPad 2 and it fit my iPad amazingly! It even has magnets on the back to adhere my smart cover to when its open behind it. The case worked fine for a week but then i noticed the magnets were just glued on and one came off. Has anyone else had this issue? I super glued it back on but I am worried that it will come off again and I'll be out $40. Should I return? If so does anyone know of a good case that BestBuy carries that has the magnetic back?



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