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In your opinion, what are the pros/cons of the app you use for calendar/ tasks mgmt?


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Oct 24, 2011
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I am having the hardest time finding/ selecting the app that has the features that I really want. I've surfed through so many descriptions on the app sites, I'm dizzy! There are several important features that I want but basically I'm looking for an app that will show me the week in a calendar-type view & a bullet point list of the tasks that are due for that week, separated in the list by day.

I would like to sync with iphone/ IPad/ and my computer (windows). I've found a couple potentials but then discover something is missing (2way sync, no calendar view, iPhone but no iPad, etcccc).

I'd love to hear what app everyone is using and what they like/ dislike they like about it!!

Thanks much!!!

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