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iKlip mic stand mount mini review


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Jan 17, 2011
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Hey all new guy here.
Just wanted to see if anyone else is a gtr player, and like I, want to ues this ipad for an onstage chart book.
I bought the iKlip right as I bought my Ipad on eBay. Amd I'm new to both.

So here are some initial thoughts:

1 iKlip wont mount an ipad in an ipad case. It might with a super thin shell (I have an Incipio Feather on the way) I currently have both the Incipio Silicrilic and a body glove Diamond TPC gel. I might have to modify a case to use with this mount.

2. iKlip will not rotate without removing half of it (and this takes a screwdriver) :(

3. the angle of the ipad in portrait mode won't tilt back too far, but it's not bad. I'm 6'1" and have it down low just under the boom arm mounted to the straight portion of the stand. It does however look like a landscape mounting on top of the boom would work well. but that would possibly not look good to some, but then again, it might to others.

4. Some might say the iKlip is expensive, but at $40 list it's not but about half of what a lot of high end microphone shock mounts would cost.

Will get back with more observations when I get more time in with it.



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Apr 19, 2011
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Thanks for that review. I was seriously looking at the iKlip stand as an option. I was tossing up between that that the Griffin mic stand adapter.

Looks like I'll go with the Griffin seeing as it can be mounted on the end of albeit an extra boom mic stand. The beauty of being on the end of a boom mic stand, its so easy to rotate or adjust the viewing angle using the adjustments on the boom mic stand

cheers ... kimbo

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