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iFile error: causing iPad 2 to display to Safari and Facebook as an iPhone :( HELP


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Apr 13, 2011
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I installed iFile last week while trying to get iPhoto to work on ios5.0.1 BEFORE the iPhotofix came out. Now, it seems as if my iPad 2 is displaying in Facebook and Safari/Opera as an iPhone. The images and text are tiny! Most other apps work fine, but it happened after the install of ifile and navigating to the property list view to change the ios to 5.1. I noticed the line above it said "iPhone OS". Hopefully, this is my problem. After a respring, deleting and reinstalling iFile and changing that entry to iPad OS, NOTHING HAS HELPED. THANKS IN ADVANCCE for any assistance guys! I can/will post a screenshot if I need to. :thumbs:

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