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iCloud sync vs back up questions.


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Nov 20, 2011
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iCloud keeps loosing my important "Pages" docs. When they attempt to back up, or sync to iCloud, they disappear into a black cloud of nowhere. They are no longer on my iPad and they didn't get into iCloud either. Their silhouette is on my iPad as a black "pages" start up doc but inaccessible to me. I tried accessing them in iCloud with a PC but no different.

So, I'm trying to figure the difference between syncing and backing up. When I recently got an iPad 2 I chose to set it up from the last back up of my iPad 1, from iCloud. It was impressive, it installed every app, every setting and all data from every app I had. So that's what iCloud "back up" from my iPad 1 did for me. The app info that got installed from 1 to 2 from the pages app also appeared.

When I select "use iCloud" with pages or numbers, is this just to sync these two with other iOS devices? Or for back up reasons. I'm not going to select "use iCloud" on either of these anymore because that way they won't get lost in the depths of apples black wells. But I will continue to select backing up docs and data within iCloud syncs list. How will this be different? Will my docs on pages and numbers still be backed up? Or will that only be possible if selecting "use iCloud" in the settings?


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