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iCloud no help


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Aug 19, 2012
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I thought since the iicloud came out I was covered and if I needed to restore something be a no brainier. I thought that since my device was backed up to the iCloud I would be able to restore something easily. I also made the mistake of not connecting my iPad to iTunes where items are also saved. Here is my issue a photo got deleted off of my iPad in photos by mistake. One single photo I thought okay I have photo stream turned on no biggie go up to iCloud and pull it down iPad gets backed up every day. The only way I think I could get it back is to do a full restore on the iPad from the cloud. Anyway I am not sure what the purpose of having a backup is if it is so hard to restore from. I have had my iPad for over a year and love it. I am kind of glad this happened so I am no longer under the impression that iCloud has me covered. Very bummed with Apple. Does anyone else agree? Am I missing something?

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