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iBooks will support PDF


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May 31, 2010
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Recently, Apple announces that its iBook will soon support PDF.
Jobs also announced that the new iBooks would add support for PDFs, a feature widely requested for its e-book platform. The new update will be available later this month, and will feature a separate bookshelf for users to view their PDF.
That means, we Mac users can view PDF ebooks on our iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. That’s great! :clap:But I am still not sure it could help wrap text automatically. I ever like to use PDF to ePub Converter to transfer PDF ebooks to iPad. Maybe that means, I never need PDF to EPub Converter anymore?
I am not sure about this and it is a bit early to tell. We need more information to see what features will be implemented. Macs already print everything in PDF but this is not the most efficient way to publish in the PDF format. This may have something to do with PDF's rights on OSX so we need to still buy Adobe Acrobat for full support. Remember PDF is Adobe creation and not Apple's own. But does it imply Apple is going to implement an option to print to PDF for iBooks? Or will Apple leave that to Adobe or 3rd party software creators?. And the conversion from one format to another with the DRM or without that may need an update or a new software.

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