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ibooks problems


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Jul 25, 2010
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Hi, i am a new member, i bought my IPAD a few days ago in the US. I am normally situated in Europe/France but we are spending a lot of time in the US.
I wanted to use the Ipad also for downloading books, and as i am originally German i am downlowding books ( epub format ) often from sites like libri.de or thalia.de.
This worked fine with my old sony PRS,
I sychronised now my new ipad with my notebook , and the whole library is now on my ipad, but when i try to open a book it shows me an error , that the book has the wrong format and cannot be open :confused::mad:
What should i do now ?? Hoping for a few smart suggestions. Thank you very much in advance for any help :)
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But here's my answer anyway...

Each book vendor that sells copyrighted material has their own unique DRM (Digital Rights Media) scheme. This means it is only viewable on one of their devices or propietary software. Unfortunately, files you bought for your Sony reader can only be viewed on your Sony reader unless you strip away the DRM. I do not have a Sony reader so I can not tell you how to do this, but I understand that it is possible.
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