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ibook editor


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Jun 15, 2010
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In which app can I edit my ibook or ebook???

How do I download it in my iPad???
Screentouch edition

Editing so it looks like an iBook!

You know, so you can turn the pages with your screen touch and all that!!!
So you have a book that is in pdf form and you want to turn it into a book that can be seen by the iBooks app?

If so, download "calibre" (it's free, just do a google search), and convert them to epub. Then drag them into your library in iTunes.

Excellent, thank you so much Matthew, so far!

1. I didn't know I can download software from google.

2. So it means in each ebook storage like Kindle and others there are different formats and softwares to turn them into a final ebook???

Do you suggest any link or app to download???
Won't download!!

Is not working! Is not downloading!!
Against my better judgment, I step into this....

As Mathew said.... Type "calibre" into your search engine of choice (google, yahoo...etc).

Download and install.

Using Calibre you can convert an ebook you already have to the ePub format that can be read in iBooks. If the book you already have is a PDF you may want to skip all this and just pay 99 cents for Goodreader (search in the iPad app store) and read it on that.....

If all of this is too complex for you, then you really don't need to be doing it. What is being described to you is basic computer usage, not anything advanced.....

If the problem is a language issue, I'm sorry... this is the best I can do....

If (as I suspect) this is just a sick game... then fig off.....
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Brremen, I was kind of wondering the same thing as he posted a bunch of different threads. But, I didn't see any spam so I answered them...I guess time will tell :D

calibre - E-book management

Agreed, giving benefit of a doubt.... but, in another thread he wondered if he should open Calibre in Media Player.....wow.........I guess we all have to start somewhere......
I want to thank you so much, everything is done!

Thanks again.

Now I'll work on my iBooks!

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