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I was sitting at the car dealership waiting for my car to be serviced.


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Jun 24, 2010
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north carolina
Of course, I was happily surfing etc on my iPad (they have wi-fi so I did not even need my 3G). One of the service techs asks me about it and pretty soon I am giving a couple of them a demonstration of all the awesomeness. I think I sold a couple more iPads.

A couple minutes later another guy comes in to drop his car off and asks about the iPad and I give him the demo too.

A few minutes after that another of the service guys comes by and asks me about it. He says he usually uses his wife's laptop to surf etc and asks what a laptop will do that an iPad won't do. It actually wasn't that easy a question to answer. I am pretty sure he wants to stop borrowing his wife's laptop.

Most of them asked about the data plan.

This thing really sells itself.
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You're a better man than I. I don't want strangers interrupting me and taking interest in what I posess. I don't give demos to anyone but family or friends.
I've done the same a few times when I first got mine. It usually happens on the plane with whoever I happen to be sitting next to. I've noticed that dwindle quite a bit though. My guess is that there are so many out there now that the "wow" factor of something people have never seen isnt there as much. Of course, guess it depends on where you are. Probably on the average, people in an airport I guess are more likely to be connected to new technology than people working in a garage. I still love and think this thing is the coolest every day I use it... Truly happy with it...:ipad-keyboard:
I don't mind when folks ask about it. I usually just show them a couple programs and it costs nothing. Some of the curious are attractive women.
Remember the old saying about owning a nice puppy,the gals will flock to you,now its the iPad,or shall we call it the gal magnet.

Tuesday I went to the doctor. Had to tell him about the iPad, then his nurse. Then went to the the hospital and had to tell the X-ray techs about it. A lot of people are curious about it and most want one.
Sat on the train next to someone from New Zealand. She'd been staying on the east coast with relatives.
I asked the post code, entered it in google and and when I switched to streetview there was her second cousin repairing the drive.
I then asked where she lived. Fired in her NZ addy and whoosh up came streetview with her house.....

Stuff like this sells the iPad effortlessly
funny I was looking at my ipad after jamming to some drumbeat app, and I was saying in couple years everybody is gonna have one or sometin like an ipad and they will be as common as remote control, and ppl will just be tossing them around, lol.

but yeah, the appeal is hot now cuz its kinda still new.
I don't mind people asking me about it but I get self conscious because I feel like I am bragging and showing off and that makes me uncomfortable.

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