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I want a news app where screen refreshes constantly with articles. Like a news ticker


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Dec 30, 2010
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I want a news app that I can watch news stories scroll by allowing me a quick glance at the article. I can click it to read more about that story and if I don't click it, then another story will show.

I want to be able to choose which news will appear such as world news, localnews and business, leaving things out such as opinion, sports, etc (all a choice in settings so it's customizable.)

It seems that I can't find an app for this, there are good news apps out but I must interact with it too much just to see what articles I want to read. I just want to watch the news headlines and a little blurb witha picture go by while I get ready for work, or drink my coffee or brush my teeth.

Does an app like this exist?
Thanks. But the ticker is so small. I am looking for one that cycles through the articles and stories.
Yes.... I want such an app too...... Been looking for ages!
How about the fox news app in the app store.The video ticker fills the top half of the screen.There's also a regular ticker along the bottom of the screen.Best of all,it's a free app.
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