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I got my iPad!!! :D


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Jun 22, 2010
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Texas : )
Granted I have been in the hospital for the past several days and really haven't used it so heavy.....but I am in love!!!!!

My hubby picked up the 64GB Gs and since I am in the hospital....I have been using the free WiFi.

This is sooooo much easier to reach over and grab than my laptop would have been. And much easier to sit on my lap.

Love it!!!!!! : )
Thanks!!! And now that i have an iPad in my hand....and learn all the tricks....I will be posting even more!!! : )
welcome to the club you will notice that the more you use it the more you become attached to the device and you willt take it everywhere .
Welcome! Make sure you check out the numerous podcasts out there - some audio and some video - that talk about the iPad, how to use, tips and tricks, apps, etc. You should be able to download past / old issues and use them as a training guide.

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