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I found the PERFECT travel case for my iPad!


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Jun 3, 2010
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Dallas, TX
I'm not into silicone gels and plastic wrap and stuff like that. But, I wanted something to slip the iPad in for travel. Well, I was at my favorite store in the world (no I don't work for them), REI, and found a computer case that seemed to be custom made for the iPad, even though is wasn't.

It's called the Tech Wrap Computer Sleeve. I absolutely love the case. Here's a link. There's even a video review by a purchaser right there in customer reviews.

REI Tech Wrap Laptop Sleeve - X Small at REI.com

There are several sizes. It's the X-Small size that fits the iPad.

It might not be right for everyone (it doesn't have a built in way to stand the iPad at an angle, for example), but if you just need something to protect and transport, I believe it's nearly perfect!
Yup. Not a bad case. Someone did a good video review of it on YouTube if others want to check it out.
Get a Polish hunting bag.

Leather, manly, the perfect size and with cartridge loops on the outside.
Mix business with pleasure.......or vice versatile.
I'll never put my iPad in a boring looking briefcase. I've decided a Murse or as I prefer to call it, Action Bag is for me.
I prefer some cases that are really customized for iPad instead of just a notebook case..

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