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Hulu Plus, now available worldwide with an American iTunes account


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Jul 27, 2011
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At the beginning of this month a new service managed to push its way out into the market. Apple and Hulu released a new Hulu Plus app especially tailored for the Apple TV. To get hold of the service users must pay a monthly subscription of $7.99. There’s more good news. It’s well known that Hulu services can’t be accessed everywhere on the globe, except for residents of the US and most recently Japan. This happens because of license agreements and different issues that arose with content providers.

But with the Hulu Plus service this hindrance has been put aside and now virtually everybody out there in the world can watch. Well maybe not exactly everybody, but those people who manage to stumble upon a U.S.-linked iTunes account will be able to, and it actually works. TheNextWeb got a confirmation from Beautiful Pixels’ Pre**** Deorukhkar who is currently in Mumbai, India stating that Hulu Plus works excellent for him.

What changed in order to make this possible? Apparently the billing system. Instead of getting the bill through the Hulu website, it will be redirected through the user’s iTunes account. This way Hulu has no way of getting information about its viewers (including location or viewing habits). For now Hulu doesn’t keep track of IP addresses and since Apple does not share user information with third parties, the service could go on working around the world. We’re keeping our fingers crossed.

By Radu

Source: Watch Hulu Plus in Any Country, With U.S. iTunes Account and Apple TV

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