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Apr 24, 2010
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Howdy all.

New member from Michigan here. Purchasing my iPad this week Wednesday at the local Apple store. (Anyone know of any stock issues with wifi ver?).

I am a web developer. Do a lot of brand design/web design and backend development in php/mysql. This is where my online alias comes from. It is quite simply the name of my design alias. Which obviously is a different spelling for the word iconic.

The feature I am most excited for with my iPad is the calendar as it will become my main source of organization.

My use for the iPad will be the "generics". I have a laptop for my work so my iPad will not be expected to do beyond its means. My mentality is that my laptop is my work horse and my iPad will be my relaxation device. (Besides the calendar)

Lots of iPad forums pop up when I did a google search but what brought me here was it was specific to the item. Thanks for creating it.

Best of luck on getting your new iPad. Once the WiFi+3G ship then I suspect it'll be even easier to get the WiFi only version. Unless heavy demand from other countries strips them out of your area.

Are you going to sync your calendar with Google Calendar, Outlook, something else, or are you going to just run it alone?
LPH> This is something I am going to test once I get the iPad. I use Thunderbird for email. And with it, its calendar software "Lightning". So the goal would be to sync with that if I can. If I cannot I will look at other options like google.

Anyone know if I can sync Lightning with iPad calendar?

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