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How to lighten the memory of my ipad


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Sep 12, 2011
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my iPad 32 GB is full (only 1 gb remai ing.) and 22 GB of apps

I wonder if i can cancel them from my iPad and levare them on my iMac. Every time iTunes starts, it makes a backup on my pc but don't understand (my ignorance, sorry) how to leve the apps only on my pc without charging my iPad and, case by case, mobbing one or another one to my iPad

Another question : iCloud? I should have 5 gb free but don't understand if it can be' used as a backup and how

Thanks a lot in ad ance

Hold one app until it starts to jiggle and an x appears on a corner. Touch the x to delete the app. Apps can be downloaded again from iTunes. Game advances, etc. however, will be lost.
How could I avoid that every time I connect my iPad to my iMac All the apps in the iMac are downloaded again on my iPad?
Connect your ipad to your computer, fire up iTunes, click on your ipad on the left hand side, once it loads your ipad info in the middle pane click on the apps tab, select the radio button towards the top that allows you to select individual apps, go down the list and uncheck the apps you don't want sync'd to your ipad and then perform a sync.
Also are you automatically syncing your iPad? To prevent this , go to preferences in iTunes and make sure that automatic syncing is turned off. This gives you time to go through all the apps listed and deselect those you do not want on your iPad. Then you can sync.

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