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How to Downgrade iTunes


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Jun 7, 2010
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Aurora, IL
Ok... i am getting ready to JB my ipad... problem is that i upgraded to 9.2

How do i downgrade to 9.1? i searched google and got a bunch of untrustworthy websites... does anyone have a trusted link to 9.1?

^^ Thank You but i thought that Spirit didnt work for 9.2 yet....

hmmm... i will try
Does it works 60DegreeVVT??

or some1 tested??

My apologies... Yes it worked for me. i am having no troubles as of yet...

i am just a noob when it comes to jailbreaking and adding apps i am suffering from a lack of confidence and experience lol
It's not like using a desktop where you can always open a terminal and fire off a few bash commands. I'm happy to let the brave go first.....

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