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How clean up Ipad memory about old mails and info

Lucky Devil

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Sep 28, 2012
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i've got new ipad , and use email from icloud
now everytime i use the mail i delete the income, outbox sending and trash boxes

So i gues that all the mails are gone , and can not be recover (that is what i want )
but the ipad have a secret he keep the emails somewhere and i don't know where.
this is what i want to know and cleanup .

Because when i search in the ipad (search engine) first screen . and i type in a letter a-b-c-s- i get a list of things the ipad find on itself .things i did in the past and allready deleted (i thought)

and there i see again all my e_mails where are they stored and how can i clean this up .
like all the other things that i found in the search box ,and may not be recovered by someone else who look in this search engine ..when they can inside my ipad.

can i make a setting somewhere that keep nothing left in memory somewhere , so when i delete in the app the info
i do want to delete. i do not like that there is still a copy left somewhere on the ipad .

please where is this stored and how can i clean this up .


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