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How can I use to remote to work?


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Aug 30, 2011
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I can remote into work as follow.
First I go to a web link my company has setup. Once there I must enter my company user is and my pin and code from my RSA SecureID. I leave the web connection open then from my computer I run Windows Remote Desktop that is set up with the IPL address for my computer in the office.

I would like to connect the same way from my Ipad. PC Security at my company does not allow any software to be installed. If I can find an app that works the same way as Windows Remote Desktop I should be able to remote in through the secure website and my ID and RSA SecureID.

Every app I researched requires that software also be installed on the remote PC.

Does any one know of an app that would allow me to do this? I would much rather travel with my iPad than my laptop.

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