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hotspot ipad per iphone ?

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Jan 16, 2012
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Ho un ipad2 wifi + 3G posso usare l'hotspot personale del ipad2 per navigare con iphone 3GS ?

come posso farlo ?


Please don't make multiple threads with the same question, not only does it clutter the forum, but it makes any attempt to help you harder as it becomes more difficult to follow the conversation. Plus, most users on here are of an English speaking background and thus posting it in (Spanish?) is unlikely to get you a speedy answer.
More importantly though, when you're stuck with something it's always worth using the search function obese as you'll often get an answer faster. Then, if you really can't find anything, create a thread (just the one though ;) ).
Edit: you've now got three open, which I'm going to assume are all on the same topic. As much as you might think this will get you an answer faster, I'm afraid it won't as they'll more than likely be closed. Please just stick to one thread :).

Proud owner of a 32GB wifi iPad2 iOS5.
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I am sorry I made a mistake opening it in Italian, it was intented for another forum, please can you close this thread in Italian, sorry once again
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