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Hiw much data per GB

Diane B

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May 8, 2010
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North Carolina
Is there a site anywhere that gives one an idea of what can be downloaded per GB in a data plan? We have extensive wifi in my area so using it is emergency for me and I will increase data amount when we travel. I got the smallest amount in Verizon this time and expect I won't be able to do much with 1GB LOL.

For those using GPS how much data coverage do you figure to use it on a trip??

Oh, gosh, just saw the misstyped title--really need to check before posting LOL.

Better late than never

1 hour of instant messaging 0.25-1MB
1 hour of web browsing 1.5-25MB
Download 100 emails 1-10MB
100 minutes talk on Skype Around 50MB
Download 1 photo 0.05-2MB
Download 1 MP3 3-8MB
Download 1 film trailer 7-50MB
1 software download 70-800MB
Download 1 film 700-1500MB
Streaming 1 hour of video 250-500MB
Streaming 1 hour of audio 50-150MB
I use the 'GPS Drive' app a lot, about 15 hours a month. (It downloads maps real time from the network). I also use the Tunein Radio app to stream live radio while I'm driving. (About 3 hours a month). I also do a fair bit of light browsing when I'm not near a WiFi spot.. I rarely exceed 500 MB a month..

If you're going to watch Netflix or download movies on 3G, then 1 Gig probably won't be enough.
Thanks. No, nothing but occasional use. We have a great deal of free wifi in my area so I got along pretty well with my Ipad one for two years with wifi only. I dled an app to keep track of my data use and find its very minimal. Thanks above for specific though--helpful.


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