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Jun 9, 2010
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Hi all. Ever since the iPad was released, I would wonder if/how I'd use it. I use my iPhone so much, I was afraid an iPad would be redundant. After two months of hemming and hawing, and knowing it's a rare commodity in the stores, I told myself one day, "If I go into the Apple store and they have them in stock, I'll get one, but maybe I won't open it until I decide for sure I want it." By luck, they must have gotten a shipment the previous day, because one person in front of me, me, and two people behind me all got walk-in iPads and finally a fifth person came to pick up a reserved one. I also asked about availability two weeks prior at the same store and they said they had none and to keep checking back.

Anyhow, I am pleasantly surprised. I really like my iPad! And I don't think my iPhone is lonely yet.

As for accessories, I have a Zagg front shield combined with a clear Hard Candy Sleek case. I also snagged a Microsoft Bluetooth 6000 keyboard from Staples on sale for $50 (reg price $90). I am using a folding book stand as the iPad stand, and have a plethora of bags to put it in.

Somehow it feels easier to buy apps for the iPad than it is the iPhone. zprobably because of the screen real estate...ha ha.

Well, this was all typed on my iPad...my "touch typing" on the on-screen keyboard is getting faster. Off to play some more!

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