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Hi I am new here.


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Dec 15, 2010
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Hi everyone! My name is Amy and I live in Pa. Just got an IPad about a month ago. I love it and want to know if I can download library books on it? Also, love to learn anything and everything about the Ipad.:ipad-keyboard:


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Jun 19, 2010
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Hi Amy and welcome to the forum!

If your library uses the OverDrive system, you absolutely can check out books. OverDrive does have an iPhone app, but the reviews are terrible. They are supposed to be working on an iPad app, but don't hold your breath!

To read library books you need to download the Bluefire reader app. The complete instructions for using it to read library books are contained in the help files of the app.

In a nutshell, the OverDrive system uses Adobe Digital Editions wrapped with Adobe's DRM (Digital Rights Management) for their "ePubs". Unfortunately, the Adobe Digital Editions program uses Flash technology and Apple mobile devices are not capable of using Flash. Fortunately, the Bluefire reader app is capable of reading ePub files wrapped with Adobe's DRM.

I know this all sounds very confusing, but the help file in Bluefire is very good and makes sense of it all. If you still need detailed instructions, feel free to PM me and I would be glad to help.

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