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Hi! Fairly New User Here


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Jul 30, 2010
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Birmingham, Al, USA
Hey everyone, just joining in the fun! Looks like I can learn a lot here. Info looks great, everyone appears friendly and nice.

I am of the 'older' generation but LOVE, LOVE the iPhone and iPADs from Apple. They are not for just the younger generations... In fact, seems lately I have become quite the Apple fan??? go figure??

I owned the 3G iPhone for a couple of years, just graduated (6/24) to the iPhone4 and thanks to the BF now have a 16G wifi iPAD!!! YEAH ME!!! He bought if for himself - decided he wanted a 3G model - so guess what? He GAVE the wifi model to me!! We both have become quite the iPAD fanatics. I appear to be a lot worse than he is. Folks in the office laugh and tease me about being a gadet freak - but of course, I am NOT!! How could anyone not be amazed at all the things you can do with the Apple products?

Oh well, talked enough now... see you all later!


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