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Hi-end wireless headsets...

Isaac Newton

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Mar 16, 2010
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San Antonio
Anyone currently using bluetooth/EDR wireless headsets made by:

Bose, Senheiser, Dr. Dre etc. ?

I've never owned a set of wireless headsets and am a bit ignorant about the ones I'd like to get for use with my iPad.

Btw - I've heard tale that Motorola makes a good set.

Any advice would be appreciated.
I've heard that Bose makes a top-quality noise-cancelling headset. That could be great on a long plane flight (or even a short one) if a bored youngster, or other loud talker, is sitting nearly.... I predict I'll want to take my iPad along on all trips, so getting a multipurpose headset makes sense.
I have Nokia Bluetooth headphones for my Ipod...love them.
Motorola H780

I personally use a Motorola Bluetooth headset model H780.

It can pair between any two devices simulatenously. Right now I have it going between my iPhone 3GS and an unlocked 2G I use for work with Tmobile.

It's pretty decent at detecting which phone your on at any given moment or when calls come in and deciphering which handset to connect to.

Whichever handset you pair it to last is actually considered the 1st handset and the first handset is used as the second most in line.

Most often it works flawless, but there are times when the phone rings and the headset just sits there with no sound but the handset shows it's connected to Bluetooth audio. Other than that it's been working perfect and it uses a noise cancelation that works very good at eliminating road or background noise for the other caller.

I bought mine from an ATT store for around $50 if I remember correctly.

Anything sure beats carrying two Bluetooth headsets and it was nice when I started using one headset between two phones and only have to wear the one and not worry which phone is ringing, lol.

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