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Help with movies downloaded (rar,zip)


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Aug 10, 2011
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Hello I am new to the forum and new with a Ipad2. I have downloaded many apps and movies. I recently downloaded a tv show on the ipad and it was a .rar file. SO i downloaded a program called " iunarchive lite " so i can download it directly through the app and it will save in the app aswell. I use this app so i can download the .rar files on ipad and be able to watch them aswell. BUT i am having a problem on how to watch the videos after I download them. I downloaded it, unzip it, and now it is a folder called "My Files" and when i click on the video i want to watch it says/opens " No Preview for "title" . You can still use the Action and Open In options.

So to make a long story short. How can i watch this video after i unzip it? Should I download a better app that can do this? The video is a .avi file and i know ipad only uses .mp4 but certain apps can view "any format". I also have OPlayerHD lite, That i was planning to watch it on but i dont know how to access the video if its inside the other app.

Can someone help me out here.
Sorry if im confusing anyone, im a newb still.


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Jan 3, 2011
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OK - if you have OPlayer then, when you press on the downloaded movie file icon for a second, you should get a pop-up box offering you the option to 'Open In' and a list of apps that have registered with the iPad's operating system, iOS, their ability to process that particular format of video/movie. If that pop-up box doesn't appear, then it means that you have no app that is capable of processing that format of file.

If the 'Open In' box appears and you choose OPlayer, then iOS makes a copy of the file and moves it into OPlayer's file space.


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