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Help with mass deleting photos from my iPad


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Aug 5, 2012
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Central Florida
We've just returned from vacation and have over 2000 photos that we uploaded from our camera to the iPad during the trip. They are in an album called "all imported" and are not synced to the desktop. I've also uploaded these same photos directly from the camera to the desktop and done some editing on the desktop when we got back.

So, here's the problem. I now want to delete all the photos from the iPad album "All Imported" and then sync only the photos from the desktop after all my editing is completed. I see where I can select and delete photos from the iPad one at a time but don't want to have to select 2000+ photos for deletion. How do I mass delete them from the iPad?
Windows will do that for you automatically.

Plug the iPad in and find it in Windows Explorer. Right click on it and select "transfer photographs". Dont forget to check "Delete after transfer", otherwise you'll be doing the same thing over.

Windows will transfer and auto delete. There is no option to delete without transferring, and every other reliable method involves doing them one at a time. It's time consuming but it works.

Whatever you do, DO NOT delete by deleting the DCIM folder. It can wreak havoc with your iPad.
Many thanks, Kevin. That works fine. I had a little scare, though. After all the photos were transferred to my DT the camera roll file disappeared from the iPad and it wouldn't store any pics taken with the iPad camera. I thought I'd deleted the DCIM file by mistake. But, I rebooted the iPad and the camera roll file came back and everything is back to normal. Thanks again.

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