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Help With iPad Camera


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Nov 29, 2011
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Why doesn't my iPad take good pictures??? And there is NO flash??? Is this normal or is there something wrong that I'm doing???
Hello, Sherry:

I can't help you with your problem as I have an iPad1(no camera). Hopefully someone will come along who can help...

I'm just posting to tell you that I've moved your question to its own thread. You asked this question in someone else's thread, which was a completely different topic. Such posting is poor forum etiquette (it's called thread hijacking), derails and fragments both conversations and is against our rules.

Please use this thread to follow any replies or to receive assistance on your issue. Thanks for your understanding.

Now the question has been moved (thanks Marilyn) I can answer it.

The iPad2 camera is not intended as a still camera. It is a 1 megapixel device, and considering most digital cameras are running at around 8 to 12 mp it is not surprising that the scope for photography is poor. I'm guessing, but I think the reason there is no flash is that it would seriously affect battery life, something that Apple was very proud of when the iPad was launched.

When you take a photograph with the iPad, you are effectively capturing a single frame of a video.

The iPad performs quite well in good light levels for video, and extremely well for FaceTime and Skype calls, but as a still camera, it is close to the bottom of the heap.

To answer your original question; no, you are not doing anything wrong. It is what it is.

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The iPad does not have a super high quality camera sensor that is why you may notice that its not going to be as taking a picture with a real camera. Also if you are referring to the front facing camera, the front camera on the iPad is even lower quality than the camera on the back. This is because the front camera is expected to be used for things like live video chat(FaceTime) and the lower quality image in turn makes it much better for streaming over 3G.

If you are following the rumors for the next iPad that should be announced is the coming weeks, people are expecting both the front and back camera's to be upgraded and have much better quality.

As for there being no flash when taking pictures, this is because the iPad has no built in flash. Its just the way apple designed it. Up until the iPhone 4, the iPhones had no flash as well.
Everyone knows ( we all know now) that camera quality isn't the best. But with agreeable lighting, the pictures aren't too bad. Took this earlier. The bottle of wine is a Malbec which will not last tonight.


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