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Help with ios 4


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Jan 24, 2012
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About 6 months ago I purchased an Ipod 1 rather than the ipod 2 because the screen is larger. I am more active on it than I was in the beginning. I have tried to download some things and will get a pop up that says that I need an ios 4 to download. I have went to the apple site, downloaded the required software so I could hook up my ipad to the computer and complete the transfer. The problem is that the program never transfers ! It doesn't give an error message, it just wont transfer the files. I have tried about everything I know to fix this, but it has been futile so far. This problem is interferring with my ability to fully enjoy my ipad. Can someone give me some advice??


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Sep 11, 2011
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Michigan. USA
Hi there, nice to talk to you.

Are you referring to the ipod or the ipad? There's a difference, I am guessing the latter, but need more detail. Also, did you mean the ios 5 rather than ios 4? That is the current OS for the ipad and the ipod touch 4th gen.

Can you give more detail?

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