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Help! Syncing/transfering Music and Photo only (not apps)?


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Jul 20, 2011
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Paris, France
I'd like to copy from my PC to my Ipad a couple of MP3 files and some photos...
With itunes, when I start the sync process, itunes attemps to sync (backup) the apps from the ipad to the PC, but I do not want that: I have about 20 Go of apps on the ipad but i don't have enough storage on the PC to backup all these apps. Also it will take much to long to sync all these apps, when I just want to transfer a couple of songs and photos...
How can I sync only the music and photos without syncing the apps? In the Apps section of iTunes, if I uncheck Sync Apps then a window pop-ups with a message warning me that all the apps on my ipad will be erased!

Similarly, if I'm not home, but at my friend's house using the itunes on his PC, how would I transfer some of my friends mp3 and photos to my ipad, without having to run through the whole process of having to sync my apps to his pc !

Please help, I'm completely confused with this whole syncing process...


Surfinette (my ipad is still on version 4.3.3)

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