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Help ipad 3g


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Jul 4, 2010
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I think I screwed up the APN and I don't know how to fix it. What is the AT&T APN? Also the Sim place is also empty. I have a 32GB with WiFi and 3G. WiFi works fine but I'm confused with this APN - Do I leave it empty? I've been trying for a week to get this going. I have a data account with ATT and they gave me a data number that looks like a phone number.
When you say leave it empty do you mean the micro sim? If so you would need a micro sim for the 3G I maybe wrong though. You may be able to use without.

I meant leave it blank instead of putting a number in there. It says APN then user and password. I don't know what to put in those spaces. Can anyone help?
I am in south coastal Texas and my 3G service works perfect. (it did take HOURS for the first 2gig order to process and the service to activate)

My APN field has the word "broadband" in the field and there is nothing for username and password. Hope that helps.

By the way, I live deeeeeep in the woods and we have 4 Iphones and a Mercury data card with an outside antenna. The Ipad 3G radio is by FAR the best of the 6 devices! While the phones will cycle occasionally from 3G to Edge if you are in the wrong part of the house, the Ipad stays connected solid and with more bars regardless of location are method of holding it.

The data card works well too but has the advantage of an external antenna mounted on the rooftop.

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