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HELP! Home Button/Dock connector


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Aug 18, 2012
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Home button is not working. I replaced it with a brand new home button board, but that's still not the trouble. The Home button still will not work. However, what I CAN get to work: if I touch the left gold contact/pin on the dock connector where the home button board is supposed to hit...I get some activitiy. If I touch it with a metal tool such as a screw driver... it will flick back to the home screen or if the phone is in sleep mode it will wake it up. If I touch theright gold pin/contact...nothing happens. The pins don't *appear* to be bent or pushed down in any way. It's as if the home button board is not making proper contact with it but there's nothing in the way. I can't figure out why it won't work other than maybe the dock connector needs to be replaced. When its plugged in, itunes DOES detect it so the charging port part is working.

Could this be a sign that I need a new dock connector and it wasn't the home button board at all? Thanks!

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