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Help Bricked 1st Generation iPad


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Mar 25, 2012
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HElp I was trying to update my iPad and now it's bricked an I can only put it in dfu mode i can't event put it in recovery mode or anything and everytime I try to restore in iTunes I get a 1602 error once I get to the third verifying restore with apple an it stops working I posted a video on YouTube that shows you actually what it's doing if someone could help I would love you forever please some one help me with this very annoying problem also I have tried almost everything like changing the USB ports and doing a clean install I iTunes I even tried to jailbreak with the hope of knocking it out of the dfu mode but didn't work here's the link to the video thanks in advance:

I can't post links yet but if you search my username "MsKillaDJ" on YouTube I only have 3 videos up and it's the only one talking about the 1602 error (it's in the name)
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Feb 6, 2011
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When my son did that to his jailbroke device, here is what I did to fix it...http://support.apple.com/kb/TA38633. You can DL the iOS you need and then install manually or just update with 5.1. If you want to JB again, the iPad1 can be done on5.1 with a tethered JB, but I could be corrected there. You can't just uninstall iTunes. You need to follow those directions. There are other files that have to be removed manually! The link above tells you which and what.
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