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Apr 10, 2012
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Hi everyone!!! My wife bought me a new iPad 2 for Christmas, so I've had it for 3+ months, and absolutely love it. However, I am curious by nature, and the longer I have the iPad, the more questions I have. After looking in the
Ap store, I came across iPad Forum and signed up today. I'm looking forward to asking questions, and hopefully
being able to answer other peoples questions some day. My name is Gary, I'm 53 years old, I have 5 kids ages 27,
25, 23, 21, and 19. I'm a Planner for a power company, and live in Minnesota. As my user name implies, I enjoy
a little R&R on a sandy beach with little umbrellas in my drinks...


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Sep 11, 2011
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Michigan. USA
Hi beach-bum!

Welcome to the iPadForum! This Forum offers so much information related to the iPad (original-New), Acessories, Apps, Help, and Apple News.

The iPadForum also includes a Regional Ipad Group for international users across the world. This is a wonderful area to "find" members from your own country.
Regional iPad Groups

If you have not done so, please take a look at the iOS 5.0 and 5.1:
iTunes - Books - iPad User Guide for iOS 5 by Apple Inc.
iTunes - Books - iPad User Guide for iOS 5.1 by Apple Inc.

Finally, please read the rules!

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