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Hello World - I'm going to use my iPad as my primary computer...


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Mar 23, 2010
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Title just about says it all :)

Retiring my MBP and Kindle2, keeping existing household iMac as central storage for all media. I'm a film producer - I consume gobs of content, and generate a bit as well.

Any questions?
I was thinking the same thing:

  1. View or listen to your content with the iPad in the comfort of a couch or reclining chair;
  2. Access the content not stored on the iPad wirelessly from a desktop computer located in another room of your house;
  3. No more sitting upright in an uncomfortable chair in front of a desktop or laptop.
We are also getting one for my elderly mother-in-law who has realized that she can no longer deal with the State or Federal government in person or on the phone any longer, and needs a computer. We are just a mile away, so we can update her on our imac when needed. It should be just what she needs. If not, we have 2!
I will be doing much the same thing! I have had a MacBook for my main computer. But after a few hard drive failures I bought a netbook to use on the couch or recliner and kept the MB in the other room for photoshop work and for finances.

I am now selling my netbook and bought an Airstash to store my movies, photos to stream.

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