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Hello there!!!


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Apr 30, 2011
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N. Bethesda, MD
Hello everyone!

My wonderful wife bought me an iPad2 (Black 32GB w/ Verizon 3G) with engraving for my 45th birthday! I'm looking forward to maximizing my experience with my new productivity tool (a.k.a. Gadget).

I'm a 45 year old finance professional who has spent the last six years working for financial regulators after working in investment banking. I'm computer savvy (but not an expert) and have 4 iMac/Macbook Pros at home.

I typically read ~100 pages of wall street research a week and love using the iPad to read it all. Still looking to explore what other great apps are out there for my needs.

I've already read the blog rules and downloaded the iPad user manual.

Looking forward to our discussions.


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