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Hello from England!


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Aug 8, 2010
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My name is Bat and I am slowly (ok, quite quickly) giving my life over to apple. My first purchase was the iPod nano 3rd gen. From there I moved to the iPhone 3G, then the iPad 64gb wifi and now my beautiful iPhone 4 (via a htc desire which I am in the process of selling.)
I am definitely in love with my iPad. I have used my broadband dongle sim in mifi so I can have Internet connection wherever. I wanted the 32gb 3G but the only one I could get was 64gb wifi, and I wanted one immediately. So mifi seems the next best option. My laptop is now only used to sync my iDevices.
My iDevices are both jailbroken, as I love to customise (and play n64 games!).
Looking forward to meeting you all and sharing the iPad love!

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