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Hello from a (nice) hacker


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Aug 31, 2010
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I say that not to scare people but technically anyone who tweaks electronics is a hacker in it's original form and that is what I do.

I'm a 28 year old guy who has been using computers since I was 13 and online at 15 so I've done about everything.

Started with DOS then moved to windows then Linux and now Mac. It's a move I'm glad I made and of course the iPad was the next step. I love to jailbreak and tweak my iPad as I do my iPhone which is why I got the 32gig wifi not 3G since I have mywi while out.

I know enough to do what I need and love to help people as I can and I read a lot which is why I found this forum and love reading. Took me some days to register but im here now!
welcome! you've come to the right place!
Took me some days to register but im here now!

After the intro of you being a hacker I just had to laugh at this last line. :)

Lol yeah it did make me look slow but I just did not see the need to register till I wanted to reply to someones post. Figured I might as well post here for an intro. Thanks for the replies and to be honest it was meant as a funny way of wording it. I'm sure it stands out among the usual "hi!" threads :x

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